Inline Solutions has more than 10 years of experience in helping organisations to optimize the way its employees work together and the way the organisation itself is organized. We are convinced that digital transformation, when correctly implemented, can mean an almost immediate ROI for your company.

Inline Solutions is mainly specialized in providing SharePoint and Office 365 consultancy but through the years we also built a strong portfolio in mobile and pure web technologies.



Extensive solution building experience with large customers of different business sectors


10+ years of experience in Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, mobile and web technologies


Ready to help your company embrace the new world of working

Unique way of collaboration

Through years of experience we have fine-tuned the way we work together and engage our clients

What we do?

Inline Solutions helps your business to be more efficient with the use of digital transformation.

By effectively implementing technologies like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, you can save time and money and gain competitive advantages.


usiness analysis

During this phase we analyse your business and propose automated solutions for better efficiency, cost reduction and management control.



We implement the proposed solutions by using the latest (collaboration) technologies like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office365, mobile applications and business process automation tools.


usiness process automation

We automate your business processes, make people more efficient, giving the management more control of the business.


hange management

It's important to highlight the advantages of the changes and help the organisation to embrace them to use their full potential.

IT profiles

Need extra people to enforce your team ? We can help !

Only the best profiles are good enough

We apply a rigorous internal selection process that allows us to offer you only the best profiles available on the market.


From .NET to Java, from Microsoft SharePoint to mobile development, we can offer al kinds of IT profiles.


It's important you hire the right people with the right skills. We can help you with your selection procedure.

PC Doc @ home

Inline Solutions recently started a new branch helping people with their technology problems at home

PC problems

You just want your computer to work. Because of the sometimes complex technology involved, it's not always easy to solve these problems yourself. We are ready to help you !


We can help you with any problem you have on your Microsoft PC or Apple Mac.

Hardware replacement

Sometimes the problem is hardware related or maybe the screen of your mobile device broke ? We can help you fix the problem.

Service @ home

All our services are performed at your place. No need to move your computer.

PC Doc @ Home

59/started hour (max of 4hrs)
  • Service @ your home
  • No transportation fee

PC Doc @ Home (urgent)

99/started hour (max of 4hrs)
  • Service @ your home
  • Response within 48 hrs
  • No transportation fee

Mobile device repair

Contact us for more details about your model
iPhone 6
  • Screen replacement: 179 EUR
  • Touch replacement: 179 EUR
iPhone 6+
  • Screen replacement: 249 EUR
  • Touch replacement: 249 EUR

Your model is not in the list ?

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